Electric Penguins - II

Electric Penguins - II

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Electric Penguins are back to tempt you with their self-recorded and produced long player entitled “II”. The 12 track feast of psychedelic cuts slides dreamily between electronic folk and ambient soundscapes with acoustic and club elements dispersed throughout the record. Whirly and trippy audio effects vocoders moogs mellotrons organs deeply layered strings and naked pianos mash and mix to maximise melody. Amongst the delights featured are the folksy love song to London \\"Highgate Hill\\" and the kraut-club inspired combo-track \\"Airships/Soundproof 45\\".

1. Minutes\n2. Julia Stephens Intro\n3. Julia Stephens\n4. Highgate Hill\n5. Always Always\n6. Sky\n7. 19 Winters\n8. Nicos End\n9. Mother Penguin\n10. Airships Fly Over Beaches With Godetias\n11. Soundproof 45\n12. Self Portrait (Angies Song) \n

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