She Darks Me - Joe Chester

She Darks Me - Joe Chester

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She Darks Me is Joe Chester’s “lost” album, virtually unheard since it’s original recording. Written during stolen moments in between collaborations in L.A with Gemma Hayes and touring with The Waterboys, this collection is among Joe’s most melodic and liberating work.

“She Darks Me is elegant, measured and all the better for it. High time the listening public caught up with Joe Chester. She Darks Me has all the makings of a sleeper hit.” - Hot Press Magazine


  1. The Middle Distance
  2. Anything In The Long Run
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte
  4. Foreign Correspondent
  5. Acid Rain
  6. Heart of Stone
  7. Most of the Time
  8. Mercy Killer (Born To Deceive)
  9. Love, But Nothing More
  10. Drawn In Chalk

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