St. Patrick's Mass - Philip Green

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St. Patrick's Mass - Philip Green

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The release of this beautiful, monumental composition and recording on compact disc, affords us all, throughout the world, the opportunity of sharing an inspirational, joyous and magnificently crafted Mass. This is a Mass of new brilliance and exciting rhythm, with lovely traditional Irish charm and bestows the solemnity of the sacred celebration.

To say it is new is merely to reflect that in a great many parts of the world, this work is virtually unknown. It was composed, produced, recorded and released by the great English composer Philip Green in 1971.

Philip Green was, in 1971, a recent convert to the Catholic faith. He was a composer and conductor of world renown. This Mass was a personal tribute of thanksgiving not only to the church, but to Ireland, a country he had loved with something approaching passion since his youth.

He has written the music score for over 250 major film sound tracks. A vast film music library with literally thousands of adaptable music cues used in Hollywood and London films.

In Saint Patrick’s Mass, Philip Green features the famed Trinity Chorale under the direction of George Mitchell and members of London’s leading orchestras. The vocal part written for a priest was, in fact, sung by a priest, Canon Sydney MacEwan. Apart from this recording Canons. MacEwan has sold over three million recordings and is known to music lovers throughout the world.

  1. Introit 3.17
  2. Kyrie 1.01
  3. Gloria 4.40. 40
  4. Credo 5.39
  5. Canon of the Mass and Preface 3.14
  6. Sanctus and Benedictus 2.39
  7. Pater Noster 2.00
  8. Agnus Dei 2.23
  9. Communion Hymn-23rd Psalm 5.48
  10. The Dismissal 1.46

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