Biography - Horslips

Biography - Horslips

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1. The High Reel 2. Dearg Doom 3. More Than You Can Chew (Original Single Remix) 4. Nighttown Boy (Original Single Edit) 5. King of the Fairies 6. (If That's What You Want) That's What You Get [Original Single Edit] 7. Warm Sweet Breath of Love 8. The Power and the Glory (Original Single Remix) 9. Speed the Plough 10. The Man Who Built America 11. Loneliness


1. Furniture 2. The Shamrock Shore 3. Faster Than the Hound 4. We Bring the Summer With Us 5. Sunburst 6. The Snakes' Farewell to the Emerald Isle 7. King of Morning, Queen of Day 8. Sir Festus Burke* 9. Bridge From Heart to Heart* 10. Red River Rock (Live)* 11. Long Weekend 12. Homesick

*previously unreleased on CD

One of the greatest and most important bands ever to come out of Ireland, Horslips pioneered a whole new style of music: Celtic Rock, a fusion of traditional music and powerful, electric rock ’n’ roll, packed with melodic hooks and virtuosity. Founded in 1970, Horslips released 12 genre-defining albums and toured relentlessly throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and North America over their original 10 year career. Back home, Eamon Carr, Barry Devlin, Johnny Fean, Jim Lockhart and Charles O’Connor took provincial Irish dancehalls by storm, creating a new rock music circuit and infusing the country’s disenfranchised youth with a new sense of cultural pride. In doing so, they paved the way for a new generation of bands, including The Undertones, The Radiators From Space and U2. ‘The longest tea break in rock ’n’ roll’ preceded Horslips’ surprise live reunion at the opening of the ‘History of Horslips’ exhibition in Derry in 2004. At the time, however, there was no indication of the full-on comeback that was to follow five years later. Since then they have been wowing fans, old and new, with triumphant arena, theatre and festival appearances, and epic performances with symphony orchestras. So here we are in 2013 — precisely 40 years on from the release of The Táin, arguably Horslips’ finest 42 minutes and 18 seconds — with Biography, a brand new 23-track compilation that focuses purely on the A and B sides of Horslips’ UK singles, and includes for the first time on an official CD the highly sought-after ‘Bridge From Heart To Heart’ (an outtake from the Aliens album sessions) and their rousing version of Johnny & The Hurricanes’ 1959 instrumental hit, ‘Red River Rock’, recorded live in Cleveland, Ohio. Play loud! (Mark Cunningham - Author of “Tall Tales: The Official Biography of Horslips”)

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