The Tain - Horslips

The Tain - Horslips

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Re-issued and restored by the band to include the original artwork and sleevenotes which appeared on the first issue vinyls from the 1970s. The specially produced CD digipacks will also include bonus live tracks and rarities chosen by the band.

  1. Setanta
  2. Maeves Court
  3. Charolais
  4. The March
  5. You Cant Fool The Beast
  6. Dearg Doom
  7. Ferdias Song
  8. Gae Bolga
  9. Cu Chulainns Lament
  10. Faster Than The Hound
  11. The Silver Spea
  12. More Than You Can Chew
  13. The Morrigans Dream
  14. Time To Kill
  15. The Tain Live Extended Sequence [My Fathers Place New York 1974]

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