Celtic Jigs & Reels - Various

Celtic Jigs & Reels - Various

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Enjoy the uplifting spirit of Irish traditional music. Jigs and Reels from some of Irelands best musicians.


Track Title
1 The Fermoy Lassies (Con Durham)
2 Rioghans Jig (Thomas Walsh)
3 Johnnies Wedding (Lynn Saoirse)
4 The Cliffs Of Moher (Noreen Leech)
5 Paddy Ryan's Dream / Farewell To Cailroe (Finbarr Dwyer)
6 Sheehys (Marina Meyler)
7 The Boys Of The Lough (Ciaran Marsden & Grainne Kelly)
8 The Moving Cloud (Denise Shiels)
9 The Mountain Road (Marina Meyler)
10 Saddle The Pony (Ted Furey)
11 The Salamanca (Ivan Smyth)
12 The Pratie In The Gander's Whole (Tomas O'Canainn)
13 The Scholar (Ciaran Marsden & Grainne Kelly)
14 The Kerry Jig (Denise Shiels)
15 Jackson's Reel (John & James Kelly)


Track Title
1 The Ha'penny Bridge (Ciaran Marsden & Grainne Kelly)
2 Old Killeavey / The Boul' Red O'Hanlon (Paul Bradley)
3 The Kesh Jig (Marina Meyler)
4 The Storyteller (Denise Shiels)
5 The Eavesdropper (Ciaran Marsden & Grainne Kelly)
6 The Woman Of The House (Con Durham)
7 The Pipe On The Hob / Kitty's Rambles (Finbarr Dwyer)
8 Top Of The Stairs (Marina Meyler)
9 The Flowing Tide (Ivan Smyth)
10 Toss The Feathers(Ted Furey)
11 Banish Misfortune (Lynn Saoirse)
12 Crowleys (Denise Shiels)
13 High Part Of The Road / Australian Water (Jason O'Rourke)
14 Halfway House (Ivan Smyth)
15 Reevy's Reel (Noreen Leech)


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