3 CD - Accordion / Ceili Bands / Tin Whistle - Various

3 CD - Accordion / Ceili Bands / Tin Whistle - Various

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The second box in a set of four the Champions of Ireland Collection features Accordion Ceili Bands and Tin Whistle. Here there is a whole new set of Irish traditional tunes to listen to played by various Irish musical instruments.

Disc 1:


1. Reels: The Salamanca/ The Boys Of Ballisodare 2. Reels: The Pigeon On The Gate/ Turlough Hill 3. Reels: George Whites/ Gillespies 4. Jigs: Knocknagow/ Imeldas Favourite 5. Hornpipes: The Belfast Hornpipe/ The Joys Of Spring 6. Reels: Crowleys/ The Banshee 7. Jigs: Tom Billies/ Sinead Whites 8. Reels: Fr. Kellys/ The Merry Blacksmith 9. Jigs: The Whore In The Nettles/ Sweet Biddy Daly 10. Reels: The Moving Cloud/ Jennies Chickens 11. Traditional Air: Sliabh Na mBan 12. Polka: Dearg Doom 13. Reels: The Green Meadow/ The Road To Killimor 14. Reels: The Bucks Of Oranmore/ The Foxhunters

Disc 2:

Ceili Bands

1. Reels: The Mountain Road/ The Floggin Reel/ Sailors Bonnet 2. Traditional Air: Boulavogue 3. Marches: The Mountains Of Pomeroy/ Captain Dunne/ Boys Of Wexford 4. Jigs: Friars Britches/ The Ballytore Jig/ Whelans Jig 5. Hornpipes: Off To California/ Kellys Hornpipe/ The Cuckoos Nest 6. Jigs: The Following Tide/ The Rakes Of Kildare/ The Swallows Tail 7. Reels: The Bag Of Spuds/ Tom Steeles/ The Foxhunters 8. Traditional Airs: The Fields Of Athenry/ Mary From Dungloe/ A Bunch Of Thyme 9. Reels: The Pigeon On The Gate/ Duke Of Leinster/ Bucks Of Oranmore 10. Jigs: Tenpenny Bit/ The Boys Of The Town 11. Jigs: Sixpenny Money/ The Siamsa Jig 12. Reels: McDermotts Reels/ The Sally Gardens/ The Silver Spear 13. Reels: Jackie Colemans Reels/ Father Kellys/ The Sligo Maid

Disc 3:

Tin Whistle

1. Reels: McDermotts No. 1 Reel/ Drowsie Maggie 2. Jigs: Over The Mountain/ Did You See My Man? 3. Reels: Halfway House/ The Copper Plate/ The Star Of Munster 4. Hornpipes: The Cork Hornpipe/ Sliabh Rua 5. Traditional Air: Sliabh Na mBan 6. Reels: Joe Cooleys/ The Tulla Reel/ The Flaxen Bloom 7. Reels: Jackie Colemans/ The Teetotaller/ The Sailors Bonnet 8. Jigs: Conn Caseys Jig/ Fasten The Leg On Her 9. Hornpipes: Crowleys Hornpipe/ The Boys Of The Blue Hill 10. Jigs: The Eavesdropper/ The Kid On The Mountain 11. Traditional Air: Eamonn An Chnoic 12. Reels: The Scholar/ Father Kellys Reel/ St. Annes Reel

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