The Man From Galilee - Philip Green

The Man From Galilee - Philip Green

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Featuring Frank Patterson & The Choir of An Garda Siochana

The recording of "The Man From Galilee" completes a devotional trilogy of Philip Green masses. This third mass was finished in 1975. The poignant tribute he wrote to Mary the mother of Jesus "O Virgin Glorious" was sung at Philips funeral by the same Frank Patterson heard on this recording.

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  1. Introit: Follow Me
  2. Kyrie Mundi
  3. Gloria
  4. Credo
  5. Sanctus / Benedictus
  6. Pater Noster: "Our Father"
  7. Deep Peace
  8. Angus Dei
  9. O Virgin Glorious
  10. Dismissal and Reprise: Follow Me

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