The Mass of St. Francis of Assisi - Philip Green

The Mass of St. Francis of Assisi - Philip Green

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Featuring Bernadette Greevy

Following the performace of St Patricks Mass, Philip Green was approached to compose a Mass which would be suitable for adults and children and for church in general. It was further suggested that the St. Francis prayer should be the basis for the Mass. Recorded with the Cork Childrens Choir it was released in Novmber 1972 and was an instant success. Philip decided he would not audition professional singers elsewhere to make up the choir but chose children directly from nine schools in Cork city. 110 children were chosen. Within a matter of months the song "Suffer Little Children" was being used in Catholic churches throughout Ireland England and Scotland as the favourite communion hymn for many years.

The song was released as a single just prior ro Easter time of 1973 and received an enourmous amount of airplay. So much so that the song reached number 3 in the Irish charrts in September 1973 remaining in the charts for 19 weeks. The celebrant of the mass is the renowned scottish tenor Canon Sydney MacEwan. The soloist for the Communion Prayer (The Prayer of St Francis) is the famous Irish contralto Bernadette Greevy.

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  1. Introit - Suffer Little Children (Celebrant and Choir)
  2. Kyrie (Choir)
  3. Gloria (Choir)
  4. Credo (Choir)
  5. Sanctus and Benedictus (Choir)
  6. Pater Noster (Our Father) (Choir)
  7. Agnus Dei (Choir)
  8. Communion Hymn (St Francis Prayer) (Bernadette Greevy and Choir)
  9. Dismissal and Reprise (Celebrant and Choir)

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