Canyon Moonrise - Turlough

Canyon Moonrise - Turlough

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Turlough are a three piece Irish folk group from County Meath featuring Thomas Walsh (composer of 'Inishere' traditional tune) David Yeates and Conall Larkin. Recorded in Ashtown Studios with no overdubbing the album has an organic feel that allows the quality of musicianship to come to the fore. Including classic Irish folk songs 'Parcel of Rogues' and 'The Old Man' with the vocal talents of David Yeates and beautiful instrumentals 'Itzikel' and the title track 'Canyon Moonrise'.

  1. Smoke And Strong Whiskey 04:16
  2. Over The Ocean Set Over The Ocean / The Geese In The Bog / The Kerry Jig) 04:18
  3. The Old Man 03:40
  4. Itzikel 04:47
  5. Parcel of Rogues 04:01
  6. Silly Slang Song 02:24
  7. Raglan Road 05:36
  8. La Cardeuse 03:29
  9. The Dublin Minstrel 04:09
  10. Canyon Moonrise 03:44
  11. The Amazon 04:02
  12. The Blackbird Set 03:12
  13. The Island 04:49
  14. The Voyage 03:41
  15. The Long Note 02:59
  16. Seven Drunken Nights 04:19

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