Wonderwaltz - De Dannan

Wonderwaltz - De Dannan

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1. Master Crowleys (Reels) 2. Ireland (Song) 3. Apples In Winter / Old Man Dillon / Trip To The Cottage (Jigs) 4. My Baby Needs A Shepherd (Song) 5. Patsy Touheys / Fred Finns (Reels) 6. Hard Station (Song) 7. Flax In Bloom / Drunken Landlady / Devils Of Dublin (Reels) 8. Con Cassidys (Con Cassidy) / Sweet Biddy Daly (Trad.) / Fr. OFlynn (Trad.) (Jigs) 9. My Beloved And I (Song) 10. The Old Claddagh Ring / The Turnpike Gate / The Killavil Fancy (Waltz / Reels) 11. How Will I Ever Be Simple Again (Song) 12. The Garden Of Daisies / Billy Brocker (Hornpipe / Reel) 13. Inis Oirr (Song) 14. Monaghan Jig / Drowsy Maggie / Maid Behind The Bar (Jig / Reels) 15. Across The Borderline (Song) 16. The Holly Bush / Sailing Into Walpoles Marsh (Reels)

The new album from the newly re-formed renowned traditional folk group.

Featuring Alec Finn Johnny McDonagh Mick Conneely Derek Hickey Brian McGrath & Eleanor Shanley.

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