50 Years - Margo

50 Years - Margo

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A definitive collection celebrating 50 years of Ieland's queen of country music, Margo O'Donnell.

1. Born in Ireland 2. Poverty 3. Little Town on the Shannon 4. The Man from the Glen 5. Little White House 6. Ireland On My Mind 7. Shanagolden 8. An Irish Harvest Day 9. Packie Bonner 10. To My Children I'm Irish 11. Isle of the Welcomes 12. I'll Forgive and I'll Try to Forget 13. Dear Old Galway Town 14. Dear John 15. Any Town in Ireland Would Be Home 16. Lady of Knock 17. Lovely Kincasslagh
1. The Green Fields of Ireland 2. Heaven Around Galway Bay 3. The Isle of Innisfree 4. Lovely Erin's Shore 5. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down 6. How Far Is Heaven 7. Home to Achill Island 8. Consider the Children 9. Back Home to Donegal 10. Rented Room 11. Philadelphia Lawyer 12. Sweethearts In Heaven 13. A Bunch of Thyme 14. It's a Little More Like Heaven 15. Infamous Angel 16. Walking Tall in Donegal
1. Learning to Say Goodbye 2. Violet and a Rose 3. Darling Days 4. If I Could See the World (Through the Eyes of a Child) 5. Home Is Where the Heart Is 6. Paper Mansions 7. Your Forevers Don't Last Very Long 8. These Are the Colours 9. Blue are the Violets 10. A Teardrop On a Rose 11. Signed, Sealed and Delivered 12. Wishful Thinking 13. Make Somebody's Day 14. We Have Tried 15. I Would Like to See You Again 16. So Afraid of Losing You Again 17. Friends

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