The Definitive Collection - Luke Kelly

The Definitive Collection - Luke Kelly

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Luke Kelly - The Definitive Collection covers the length of Luke's illustrious recording career - 21 years (and coinciding with what would have been Luke's 70th birthday 17th Nov 2010) - a double CD collection of studio recordings from 1962 to Luke's untimely death in 1984 covering the original releases of the songs that became synonymous with Luke.

In addition the collection will include Luke's rare and brilliant recording of Ray Davies song "Thank You For The Days" which was originally a huge hit for The Kinks and also Kirsty MacColl in later years.

The album also features Luke classics including "Raglan Road", "Song For Ireland", "Scorn Not His Simplicity" and "The Night Visiting Song" and sleeve notes contributed by Michael D. Higgins speaking about Luke in the year following his passing. The collection is supported by Luke's family and his fellow band members in The Dubliners.

Disc 1


Disc 1
1. Scorn Not His Simplicity
2. Farewell To Carlingford
3. Muirsheen Durkin
4. Go To Sea No More
5. Kelly The Boy From Kildare
6. The Black Velvet Band
7. Peggy Gordon
8. Joe Hill
9. Free The People (with Ronnie Drew)
10. Whiskey In The Jar
11. The Maid Of The Sweet Brown Knowe
12. Springhill Mining Disaster
13. For What Died The Sons Of Rosin
14. The Travelling People
15. Paddy On The Railway
16. The Net Hauling Song
17. A Song For Ireland
18. The Town I Loved So Well

Disc 2
1. Maids When You're Young Never Wed An Old Man
2. The Rocky Road To Dublin
3. Preab San Ol (with Ciaran Bourke)
4. Alabama '58
5. The Sun Is Burning
6. Raglan Road
7. Nancy Whiskey
8. The Rare Auld Times
9. Schooldays Over
10. The Galway Races
11. Tramps & Hawkers
12. The Rising Of The Moon
13. The Aul Triangle
14. The Lifeboat Mona
15. The Wild Rover
16. I'm A Rover
17. The Night Visiting Song
18. Thank You For The Days

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