The Very Best of Irish Country - Various

The Very Best of Irish Country - Various

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1. Truck Drivin Woman - Philomena Begley\n2. Try A Little Kindness - Hugo Duncan\n3. Everybodys Somebodys Fool - Margo\n4. A Lonesome Heart - Brian Coll\n5. Gypsy Joe And Me - Ray Lynam\n6. Dont Think Love Ought To Be This Way- Ann Breen\n7. Angeline - Dickie Rock\n8. Turn Out The Light And Love Me Tonight - John Glenn & The Mainliners\n9. Rainbows And Roses - Logue & McCool\n10. Daddy Frank - Kathy Durkin\n11. Keep It Country - John Greer\n12. Pretty Little Girl From Omagh - Frankie McBride\n13. Hevens Just A Sin Away - Gloria\n14. A Little Country Town In Ireland - John Glenn & The Mainliners\n15. Youre My Best Friend - Brendan Quinn\n \nCD2 \n1. Whyd You Come In Here Lookin Like That - Gloria\n2. Home To Donegal - Hugo Duncan\n3. Easy Come Easy Go - Margo\n4. Coward Of The County - Dickie Rock\n5. This Is Where The Cowboy Rides Away - Logue & McCool\n6. China Doll - Brian Coll\n7. Down That River Road - Kathy Durkin\n8. Blue Ridge Mountain Turnin Green - John Glenn & The Mainliners\n9. Jambalaya - Ann Breen\n10. Papas Wagon - Ray Lynam\n11. Help Me Make It Through The Night - Joe Dolan\n12. Roses In The Snow - Sally OBrien\n13. My Elusive Dreams - Philomena Begley & Ray Lynam\n14. Hometown On The Foyle - Brian Coll\n15. Theres Nothing I Can Do About It Now - Logue & McCool\n \nCD3 \n1. Killarney In My Dreams - Hugo Duncan\n2. Its Four In The Morning - Brendan Quinn\n3. Dont Let Me Cross Over - Larry Cunningham\n4. Just Loving You - Sally OBrien\n5. Burning Bridges - Frankie McBride\n6. The Door Is Always Open - Ray Lynam\n7. Silver Threads And Golden Needles - Tracy Wells\n8. Sunnyside Of The Mountain - John Glenn & The Mainliners\n9. Youre The One I Cant Live Without - Philomena Begley & Ray Lynam\n10. Love Me - Logue & McCool\n11. Send Me The Pillow - Kathy Durkin\n12. Tomorrow Never Comes - Margo\n13. Someday Youll Call My Name - Brian Coll\n14. Ravishing Ruby - Brendan Quinn\n15. The Star - Ann Breen

45 tracks of the very best of Irish Country featuring Margo Ray Lynham Philomena Begley Brian Coll and many more.

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