The World Through My Eyes - Margo

The World Through My Eyes - Margo

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'The World Through My Eyes' marks another defining moment in Margo's amazing story as this is the first time that Margo has had a hand in the writing. Encouraged by her producer and friend Joe McShane (over a cup of tea!) this collaboration would lead to four of the tracks on the album while Margo went on to write 'He Played His Farewell Song' with both Joe McShane and Joe Cullen who also hails from Donegal. 

The resulting five tracks have set a standard that can only hint at what may lie ahead in this remarkable career while other contributions from the likes of Carl Perkins and John Nelson make 'The World Through My Eyes' an essential addition to the Margo catalogue.

  1. Here We Are Again Tonight
  2. Stranger In My Town
  3. Mansion On The Hill
  4. He Played His Farewell Song
  5. Fields of Hope
  6. The Years They Seemed Like Days
  7. Priceless Possessions
  8. Green Hills of Slane
  9. Rocky Shores of Carna
  10. City We Call Belfast
  11. Making Believe
  12. Silver and Gold
  13. I'll Hold On To Your Coat
  14. The Circle
  15. May We All Someday Meet Again

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