Irish Two Hand Dancing Made Easy DVD - Matt Cunningham

Irish Two Hand Dancing Made Easy DVD - Matt Cunningham

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  1. The Barn Dance
  2. Two Hand Jig
  3. Two Hand Hornpipe
  4. Two Hand Reel
  5. The St. Bernard’s Waltz
  6. The Valita Waltz
  7. The Peeler and the Goat
  8. The Sweetheart Waltz
  9. The Pride of Erin Waltz
  10. The Stack of Barley (An Staicin Eorna)
  11. Verse of Vienna
  12. The Schottische
  13. The Priest and his Boots         
  14. The Gay Gordons     
  15. The Corn Reeks
  16. The Military Two Steps

+ 2 Bonus Tracks of Sean Nos Dancing

Demonstrated by some of the world’s best Two Hand Dance instructors and dancers.

Matt Cunningham’s Irish Two Hand Dancing Made Easy was shot in Cloonacauneen Castle, near Galway City in the west of Ireland. This new series is specially designed to educate all dancers as all of the two hand dances are danced in their entirety and are clearly presented with the learner in mind. Matt explains intricate movements within each dance in detail as well as explaining the most commonly used terminology used in dancing. The instructions on the recordings are provided by some of the world’s best-known and most popular Two Hand Dancing instructors, Maureen Culleton, Mickie Kelly, Michael Tubridy, Mildred Byrne,  Tony Ryan and many more. Through their teaching the tutors featured on this recording have ensured that the unique characteristics of these dances dating from the 1890s remain intact and that the dances are preserved in the best way possible. 

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