The Monks of Glenstal Abbey DVD

The Monks of Glenstal Abbey DVD

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The Monks of Glenstal AbbeyThe Spiritual Road

This unique DVD will allow you to visit Glenstal Abbey and get an insight into the daily work and worship of the monks living there. The early days of the monastery are also brought vividly to life with the inclusion in the DVD of very rare film shot in the early 1950's which hasn?t been seen for over 50 years.

Situated near the village of Murro in the North-East corner of Limerick, Glenstal is Ireland's only Benedictine monastery for monks is is also one of Ireland's leading boarding schools. The abbey is also famous for its activities in art, music and religious studies and over the last thirty years has been at the forefront of the theological debate and ecumenism in Ireland. "The Spiritual Road" shows not only the public face of the monastery with extracts from the major offices and liturgies of the abbey including Easter week but also gives an intimate, behind the scenes view of the life and work of the monks.

Also included is a guided tour of the rarely seen collection of Russian and Greek icons bequeathed to the monks over fifty years ago. The soundtrack of the video contains Gregorian Chant, Polyphony and Organ Music, all of which is recorded in the Abbey chapel.

Every year the Abbey welcomes visitors from all over the world, attracted by the monastery and its beautiful gardens. "The Spiritual Road" will serve as a beautiful memento of that visit.

Gregorian Chant is an integral part of the Benadictine monastic experience, forming the core of the Church's daily offices as they are chanted in choir: From morning (Matins and Lauds) through Mid-day Mass to evening (Vespers and Compline).

With passionate intensity and yet sober restraint, it channels religious emotion and gives it musical expression. Organ improvisation, as it is heard in this recording, is often used in the liturgy at Glenstal, capturing the mood of the liturgical action through spontaneous embellishment of the Gregorian melodies.So sit back relax and let the sounds and visions wash over you.

The DVD is introduced by the Abbot of Glenstal, Christopher Dillon OSB.


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