Dance Music of Ireland Volume 17 CD Matt Cunningham

Dance Music of Ireland Volume 17 CD Matt Cunningham

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Dance Music of Ireland      Volume 17

  1 Antrim Square Set     

2 The Flight of The Earls   

3 The Sliabh Fraoch Set     

4   The Limerick Tumblers   

5  The Dublin Set


  This is Volume 17 of a seventeen volume selection from Matt Cunningham who is an international musician living in Headford, Co. Galway, Ireland.  Matt has to date recorded music for over 70 sets as well as numerous ceili, figure and two-handed dances. This CD, like the others is especially designed for those who wish to learn set dancing, as each set is introduced and played to its proper length and tempo. It is also the best in Irish traditional music for the keen listner.


  The Flight of the Earls Set was composed by dancing instructor Jim Keenan, an Armagh man resident in the States.  During his time teacing a set class in Brussels, Jim was asked to compose this set to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Flight of the Earls, which took place in September 1607.  Jim first taught the set in the Irish College there in 2006 and Pat Murphy taught it for the first time in Ireland in Kellybegs in October 2007.

  The Antrim Square Set was composed by Antrim-born Des Jackson, who has resided in Sydney, Australia for many years.  Des wanted a set to represent his own Irish county Antrim roots and he gave Pat Murphy notes on the set a few years ago.  They launched it here in Ireland in January 2008.

The Limerick Tumblers was composed by Terry Moylan of Brooks Academy, Dublin in 1996.  This dance was commissioned by Dr. Micheal O Suilleabhain of Limerick University Music Department.

The Dublin Set was comoposed by Sean and Stasia Clerkin, well-known dancing teachers from the Navan Road, Dublin.  It was composed to celebrate the Dublin Millenium.

The Sliabh Fraoch Set came originally from the Rockchapel area of Cork.  It was first taught by Fank Keenan in Ibiza in 2007.








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