Calming The Storm - The Monks of Glenstal Abbey

Calming The Storm - The Monks of Glenstal Abbey

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Following the tremendous success of the prayer book from The Monks of Glenstal Abbey (100,000 Copies sold in Ireland) it was decided it should also be made available on CD. It was also decided it should be recorded in the Abbey by the Monks of Glenstal. This Glenstal Book of Prayer with newly composed meditations on the icons is a rich resource for the dark, mysterious, but exciting journey, which is prayer. It draws on things both old and new: on the wisdom of the Bible, enshrined in Benedictine liturgy, on the experience of modern monks, and on the wisdom of the Christian church throughout her long and varied history. Coming as it does from an Irish monastery it reflects in a special way the Celtic tradition with its earthy, popular and devotional prayers.

The first part of this recording is a simple “Liturgy of the Hours”. This is used to dedicate and bless those two great moments of the day that bear witness to Christ: morning, when we celebrate his rising as the light of the world, and evening, when we acclaim him as the unquenchable light which never sets. Through psalms, canticles and other words of scripture, through invocation and concluding prayers, the day is hallowed and the presence of the risen Christ is gratefully remembered.

In addition elements have been included stemming from the ancient custom of consecrating special moments to the Lord in the bustle of the daily round. “Prayer Stops” are the modern equivalent of monastic “Little Hours”, recalling as they do the coming of the Holy Spirit and the dramatic events of Christ’s passion. They are an invitation and an opportunity to pause in the midst of work and turn our hearts to God. Night prayer (Compline), the last monastic office of the day, is included as the prayer before sleep. Its haunting psalm and canticle, its prayers for protection, it’s calling upon Mary, are some of the most beautiful treasures from the storehouse of monastic prayer. They lead us gently across the bridge of sleep, from the glaring light of day to the dark cradle of the night and the world of dreams. 

The second part of this recording consists of meditations on the icons featured in this booklet and a selection of prayers from The Glenstal Book of Prayer. The meditations on the icon of Saint Nicholas and the icon of Christ, both from Russia and located in the Icon Chapel at Glenstal Abbey, lead us into the rich mysterious world of the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

It is our hope that this recording will be of use to many diverse groups of people. It may serve as an accompaniment to The Glenstal Book of Prayer, from which most of the texts of this recording are drawn. We hope that it will also be of value to the visually impaired; to the sick, whether at home or in hospital; and to people travelling, who may wish to use the Daily Prayer section as they are journeying to and from work.

An outline of the structure of Daily Prayer will help the listener to enter into the rhythm of the recording. A short pause for silent prayer has been left after the Scripture Readings, which the listener can lengthen as desired.

Over two hours on 2 CDs

CD1 Track List:

  1. Daily Prayer Sunday Morning
  2. Daily Prayer Sunday Evening
  3. Daily Prayer Monday Morning
  4. Daily Prayer Monday Evening
  5. Daily Prayer Tuesday Morning
  6. Daily Prayer Tuesday Evening
  7. Daily Prayer Wednesday Morning
  8. Daily Prayer Wednesday Evening
  9. Daily Prayer Thursday Morning
  10. Daily Prayer Thursday Evening

CD2 Track List:

  1. Daily Prayer Friday Morning
  2. Daily Prayer Friday Evening
  3. Daily Prayer Saturday Morning
  4. Daily Prayer Saturday Evening
  5. Prayer during the day: Mid-Morning
  6. Prayer during the day: Noon
  7. Prayer during the day: Afternoon
  8. Night Prayer: Compline
  9. Meditation on the Icon of St. Nicholas at Glenstal Abbey (Front Cover Icon)
  10. St. Patrick’s Breastplate (in English and Irish)
  11. The Stations of the Cross
  12. Prayer in the Morning - (in Irish and English)
  13. Prayer in the Evening - (in Irish and English)
  14. Prayer for peace - St. Teresa of Avila
  15. Prayer for guidance - an ancient Collect
  16. Prayer for guidance - St. Basil of Caesarea
  17. Communion prayer - St. Thomas Aquinas
  18. Communion prayer - Sancti venite – Irish, 7th century
  19. Prayer of self-dedication - St. Ignatius Loyola                                                    
  20. Meditation on the Icon of Christ at Glenstal Abbey

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