The Best Irish Pub Songs in the World CD

The Best Irish Pub Songs in the World CD

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    "The Best Irish Pub Songs In The World" 

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There is no mistaking that distinctive Pub Songs sound. Over the years Christy, Bernie, and Peter known as Sibin have become something of an institution entertaining in the Marine Bar in Dungarvan on the N25, around Ireland, America and Europe.

There approach to the ancient art of ballad maker and Pub Song singing has proved to be original, exciting and extremely popular where ever they travel. They are the strolling players of our time.

Wherever they play you can be sure they bring with them that Bardic spirit and most important , lots of "Craic". As one music critic put it "This is The Best Irish Pub Songs In The World"

The Track List is

I. The Bold O'Donoghue- Saddle the Pony-If your Irish- The Westmeath Batchelor   2.  The Wild Rover-When Irish Eyes Are Smiling-Roisin the Bow-The Boys from the County Armagh  3.  I Know My Love-Let Him Go Let Him Tarry-The Golden Jubilee  4.  The Water is Wide 5.  The Black Velvet Band-The Mountains of Mourne  6.  The Irish Soldier Laddie-The Jug of Punch-The Mermaid-The Spanish Lady  7.   Fiddlers Green  8.  Lovely Rose of Clare-Maggie-Bunch Of Thyme  9.  Highland Paddy  10.  The Rising of The Moon-Brennan on the Moor-The Old Dungarvan Oak-All God's Creatures  11.  Home Boys Home-The Merry Ploughman-The Banks of the Roses  12.  A Mother's Love A Blessing-The Shores of Amerikae-Goodbye Johnny Dear- The Nightingale  13.  Paddy McGinty's Goat  14.  The Ferryman-Murshin Durkin-Courting in the Kitchen-Patsy Fagan  15. Galway Bay-Molly Malone-I Never will Marry  16. The Isle Of Inishfree 17.  I'll Tell Me Ma-Miss McClouds-Dicey Reilly-Katie Daly  18.  Sliabh Na Mbhan-The Old Rustic Bridge-Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down?-The Old Bog Road  19.  Pleasant and Delightful 20.  The Irish Rover-The Old Maid-The Holy Ground.

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Sit back close your Eyes and you would think you were in a Pub In Ireland 

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