The Green Hills of Erin Matt Cunningham CD

The Green Hills of Erin Matt Cunningham CD

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Matt Cunningham

 "The Green Hills of Erin" 

   CD  ARCD 020

More songs ...and music from Matt Cunningham. Globe trotting  Matt now finds that the demand for his Irish music and songs is as great among the emigrants as it is on his native country where he is acclaimed as one of our top traditional and dance music entertainers. These notes are nothing more than a sketchy reference to what you  will enjoy on this album. Matt is a native of Headford in  Co.Galway and along with  his band is a leading attraction on the Irish music scene.

The Track List Is

1.  Reels- The Kilfenora, The Foxhunter, The Dublin 2.  Jigs- The Old Bush, Connacht Man's Ramble, The Raffle Jig 3. Waltz Selection- The St. Bernard, The Valita 4.  Whistle Solo-An Cualain  5.  Reels on Fiddle- Johnny Leary's, O'Keeffes, The Rocky Road 6.  Vocals-  The Green Hills of Erin  7.  Jigs- The Tulla, Burtons, The Ships are Sailing 8.  Hornpipes- Ryan's, The Galway Hornpipe  9.  Tin Whistle- Anach Cuain, Saint Cuana's Reel, The Leinster Reel  10.  Reels- Maud Miller, The Morning Star,Cooley's  11.  Vocals- Bheir Me O  12.  Band Selection- Bobby Gardiner's, The Kilfenora, The King of the Clans

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