Can't Give Enough - Joe Dolan

Can't Give Enough - Joe Dolan

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  1. Every Night
  2. Come What May
  3. Rosanna Tonight
  4. I Won't Forget You
  5. Ciara
  6. Don't You Love Me Anymore
  7. Somebody To Call My Girl
  8. Frozen Rivers
  9. It Takes One Minute
  10. Ben Bolt
  11. Hypnotize
  12. Next To You 

This Album is a collection of new recordings and new songs . Joe at his very best and as the title says, he just can't give enough. Joe Dolan has been singing professionally since the mid-sixties but in 1969, he got his first international break with a song called "Make me an Island". It made No. 3 in the British charts and then was a hit all over Europe, Canada, South Africa and Australia. He followed this record with two other big hits "Theresa" and "Good Looking Woman".

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