Bedroom Hero - Liz Lawrence

Bedroom Hero - Liz Lawrence

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Liz Lawrence has a unique vocal with depth in her lyrics commenting on experiences she hopes can communicate with any audience. Her performance can sway an audience from melancholy to joy exaggerated by her stage energy and presence. Her music develops and expands continually as she writes and performs. Liz was recently described by Tom Robinson on his BBC 6 introducing show as amazing.

  1. Bedroom Hero 2.52
  2. Oo Song 3.34
  3. I'd Rather 3.22
  4. When I Was Younger 3.23
  5. Bathroom Spoons 1.51
  6. Give Me Comfort 3.20
  7. Monday Morning 3.27
  8. One Day 3.11
  9. Black and Blue 3.25
  10. Fools Gold 4.13

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