The Dubliners Dublin (DVD)

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The Dubliners Dublin (DVD)

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An affectionate portrait celebrating Irelands best loved city. Dublin renowned for its Culture Mystical Legend and History has been encapsulated in picture song and word.

Presented by Ronnie Drew and featuring The Dubliners

Running Time: 50 Minutes

This is a double sided DVD and is PAL & NTSC compatible - All regions

  1. Dicey Reilly
  2. The Ragmans Ball
  3. A Pint Of Plain
  4. Weile Weile Waile
  5. The Auld Triangle
  6. Finnegans Wake
  7. If Ever You Go To Dublin Town
  8. The Zoological Gardens
  9. Bombo Lane
  10. Monto
  11. The Rare Auld Times

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